Hey Fam & friends, I signed with Toucan Cove Records. Recorded some cover tunes, and they are now available on I tunes and spotify Just type in Richie Shep . Let me know what ya think. Thanks for your Support.

Had a Blast on Sat. 01/14/17 (my B Day! ) @ Mo Dailey's Tavern & Grille . And what a memorable B Day !Thanks Awesome Fam & Friends for ur support.U guys Rock ! Thanks ,Salvo's, Taylors,Schmeeda's, Rob & Kim, Mcauliffe's,Mangano's, J.R. & Sue, Butchie & Mel, Nick & Steff, Rich Tripp, Cooz, Robin, Kathy & Anastacia,Joan & Eileen, Glenn, Carm & Chrissy,Crista, & Megan Dailey & the awesome staff ! Awesome place !!